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about sbmhss

Satheesh Balaji School reflects the vision of the Founder Chairman -Mr. K Madasamy Pandian, under whose dynamic leadership and governance, we create and craft scholars who sensitively respond to educational and other extracurricular aspirations. At SBMHSS, we focus at empowering the young brains to face the challenges of the emerging society which culminates in imbibing lifetime values. Since the school’s inception in 2007, we have scaled greater heights in a short span of time, making SBMHSS a very popular and sought-after educational institution in Chennai. We are proud to claim to be a landmark in the vicinity. With every passing year, more and more talents are being exposed, giving way to reach newer heights. We consider achievement as largely the product of steadily raising one’s level of aspiration and expectation, and our continuous 100% results of classes X & XII prove that our students are always aspiring for success. To foster academic achievement, we must recognize and reward those who strive academically, just as we honour athletic champions. Our sports achievements, particularly in Skating, Football and Cricket are continuously recognized at National and International levels.

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SBMHSS seeks to guide students to achieve personal excellence and become effective citizens of the world. The curriculum and activities are organized holistically and creatively to enable students with different learning capabilities to receive a full-fledged education. At SBMHSS, students are nurtured and educated to be able to develop all rounding skills, attitudes, and acquire knowledge to be productive community members, parents, and leaders in future. Here’s a short list of goals that SBMHSS aims to achieve.

  • To help students identify their interests and abilities.
  • To support students in setting personal learning goals.
  • To facilitate student involvement and learning in decision-making regarding their own learning and the use of power and responsibility in the classroom and school.
  • To create a culture of care and community where students learn to support one another and take responsibility for the wellbeing of each other and the total community.
  • To facilitate students learning together in a diverse groups where they learn how to value contributions of others and manage productive group work.
  • To teach students who are functioning at many differing levels of ability together in heterogeneous mixes and to assess student skills and learning styles to facilitate learning and promote personal excellence.

Whilst high academic achievement is the priority, the school aims to create a 'community' of all-rounded individuals, where a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect exists among the students and teachers. The school organizes many activities throughout the year where qualities such as leadership and self-discipline are inculcated and there is an emphasis on the individual's intellectual and emotional growth. A number of sports are played at SBMHSS, and this gives the students an opportunity to express their individual talents. Drama, Performing Arts, Arts and Design, Debating and Music form a significant part of the curriculum.

Our school aims is to develop students into independent, successful, confident, creative individuals and active learners – with the view of giving them all the skills, knowledge, and capabilities to thrive in a globalized world. SBMHSS focuses on providing equity for every student and striving for excellence in all areas of education.

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