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Admissions Open 2024-25 for STD Lkg to IX & XI Std,...

We nurture the best in every individual, recognize the unique talents, needs and ambition, render security, warmth, and caring environment. We are equipped with experimental and modern learning technology, which inculcates attitude and values of life to create opportunity for mental and physical activities. We offer parental care by highly organized, talented, and trained Kinder Garten teachers.

Welcome to the SBMHSS Primary Centre. This is a powerful time of transition and change for our students. Kids continue to learn to read and write. They will leave the primary school as dynamic readers, researchers, and lovers of reading and literature, and they will leave as versatile, prolific authors with an acute sense of the beauty and structure of language

SBMHSS Middle School’s academic program is designed to challenge students with relevant and interdisciplinary coursework and to create a meaningful and developmentally appropriate transition between elementary and high school. The program emphasizes critical thinking skills, multiple forms of literacy, quantitative reasoning, self‐regulation, and organization

SBMHSS fosters skills and offers coursework that prepares our students well for higher education while at the same time providing space and support for them to engage in community service, which is at the core of our mission. SBMHSS features a robust arts program, extensive co‐curricular, and extra-curricular activities. Faculty and staff at SBMHSS come to know students well and offer broad and deep support for our student’s growth, discipline, and development.

Higher Secondary School students need to have a well-rounded, happy experience at school, so they can learn to be confident and be mature before stepping out into the world. SBMHSS provides students the opportunity to identify their areas of strength and pursue an academic program that is best suited to their learning style, and which is in alignment with their long-term life goals.

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